June 09, 2015

Hall Pass

This conversation comes up frequently weather it's with my girlfriends or with Christian and other couples when we are all out. I think I have had a "top 5" crush list for as long as I can recall.

This can be called a number of things.. "Hall Pass", "Get out Jail Free Card", "Celebrity Crush" or "Freebie". Whatever you may call it, in our house it has been analyzed, tweaked and discussed at great length.

Originally, the concept was that you could "hook up" with your "hall pass" and your significant other could never hold it against you. In theory this is great when discussing over a few cocktails and going over your respective lists. In our house I have been told that I would be left for dead If I practiced my right to use my hall pass and the same would hold true on the flip side. So, it will continue to be a fun conversation over drinks and the buck stops there.

This brings me to my list as it stands today. I feel like it's well rounded, and I am happy with it, though it's always a work in process and ever-changing.  I now have a 5th slot open because I had Nick Jonas in there and when I googled his photos his younger years came up and It just felt wrong. #mrsrobinsoniamnot

 I love to hear who's on people's lists as I usually end up totally surprised. I am going to post Christian's list as well. His is very random.. gives whole new meaning to #SMH.

Joe Manganiello - Need I elaborate here? Sofia is a very lucky woman.  God Bless. 

Ryan Gossling - I have specific requirements here. I  put him in my "top 5" after the movie "Crazy Stupid Love".  So I would like his wardrobe, his characteristics, and overall sex appeal that he exudes in this movie. I will tell him this when I meet him and hand him my "hall pass".  Meanwhile my friend sat next to his girlfriend on a flight home from Paris (Eva Mendes) and she had no makeup on and was apparently STUNNING and so sweet. They are both lucky. 

I think every woman should have David Beckham  on her list.  Period. 

Jason Taylor. This is a touchy subject because Christian knows him but he has been on my top 5 forever.  I never watched football but I saw Jason Taylor on an episode of MTV Cribs probably 10 years ago and he's been on the list ever since. This past Fall he was on some show talking about football and I was helping my daughter paint her nails and I looked up at the TV and saw him on there. Well much to my dismay… the channel was changed immediately:)

Now Christians List….
Sofia Vergara - Ok, I totally agree with this one. She's gorgeous. I approve! But only for discussion purposes;)
Alyssa Milano - Christian usually prefaces this selection with stating that he wants her from the "Who's the Boss" days. Well, this isn't back to the future and that's not possible. This is Alyssa Milano in 2015.
Taylor Swift - much like me and Nick Jonas I think this falls into the "Creep" category. 

Gwen Stefani - This has been in Christian's Top 5 forever. He can't explain why. He hates red lip stick so Gwen is his one exception. I think she is cool, so I am ok with the concept of her being on his list.


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