October 03, 2015

Girlfriends Guide to The Vampire Facelift

Aging is not a topic that I take lightly. I came into this world kicking and screaming and I will exit in the same manner when it comes to the battle of the aging process. I'm always researching the latest lotions, potions, facials,  and non-invasive medical treatments.  I'm all for doing whatever makes you feel better about yourself, but I think moderation is key #hellokyliejenner.

I have tried Microdermabrasion, Hydrafacials, Chemical peels, botox,  and every possible line of skincare you can imagine. I even got roped into Cindy Crawfords line.. which is absolutely horrendous by the way #sorrycindy. Most of us have our "problem area" that we obsess over and we are our own toughest critic and tend to see things that most others will never see. Regardless, if it bothers you, and you want to improve upon it and feel better about yourself,  then you should. 

About a year ago, I remember seeing Kim Kardashian on IG with a photo of herself getting a facial with blood all over her face. At the time, I thought it was some crazy fad and never gave it a second thought. Over the past few months, I kept hearing more about this Vampire Facial. I heard that It will be THE procedure of the future over the next 5 years to come. After much research and consultation with highly trained professional and botox maven Laura Kimberley I decided this would be a great alternative as well as it would really rebuild my own collagen as I lost a lot after having my children #suckedthelifeoutofme.

The Vampire Facial is the safest procedure for anti-wrinkle and collagen building with the longest lasting results. Most will need 2 treatments. The second treatment should be done 6-8 weeks after the first for optimal results. You will see the collagen development after about 6 months and continued improvement as the months go on. I am open to trying any new anti-aging treatment, so of course... I set up my appointment immediately. 

 First Laura numbed my face for about 15-20 minutes. The tool she uses does have a bunch of tiny needles that puncture the skin allowing for the plasma to penetrate, so the numbing is crucial.

With chunks of numbing lotion on my face -  pretty:)

She then drew my blood. The blood was then centrifuged so the platelet rich plasma can be isolated from the other substances that make up the blood. The platelet rich plasma contains growth factors, and the needling combined with the growth factors induce new growth of collagen, blood vessels, and skin tissue.

My fountain of youth

Center fusion machine

The forehead was "pinchy" as she explained.... #ithurt. The rest of my face was not painful. The whole procedure took 90 minutes from start to finish. Immediately after, my skin was SUPER dry. This is typical and this dry phase will last several days as your skin is repairing.

I will apologize in advanced for all the selfies... But I did want to show you the results below.

right after - VERY DRY!!!!! 
I am one full week out right now and I will say, I do see a tremendous improvement in the lines under my eyes which was the "problem area" that was most bothersome to me. The dryness is subsiding and  my skin is glowing! I cannot wait for round 2 as I know that results will be amplified. Also, as an aging woman #ughhhhhhh the loss of collagen is my biggest battle and that will be my greatest benefit to come. The tough part with that is that there is no instant gratification. #patienceisavirtue

Day 1 - Dry, felt like a sunburn, I put tons of hyaluronic filler on all day,  no makeup

Day 2 - I wore tinted sunscreen and bronzer, by noon the bronzer was flaking off and I looked gross. 

One week - I have tinted sunscreen and bronzer on,  no more flaking, my skin is really smooth and glowing, love the result! 

There are not many things that I rave about as I think results vary so much based on the individual. Botox for example is amazing, but for me, I would literally have to go every 8 weeks because I burn through it so quickly. This facial can address wrinkles, collagen loss, acne scars, sun damage and so much more. My skin looks flawless and I am so thrilled with the result.

***HUGE DISCLAIMER*** This was a "girlfriends guide" and therefore I have no idea what I am talking about, scientifically speaking. If you want REAL information and technical details, please consult with a professional. I can only tell you that it was worth the cost and I loved the result. 


  1. Wow, you looks amazing! I have to try this ASAP!! Thank you thank you!

  2. This is very informative article on vampire facial. I have learned many things after reading this.