April 06, 2016

Adult Spring Break Done Right

There many different kinds of vacations. The "work" trips which by definition in our family consist of a trip with all of the kids that are not in any way shape or form relaxing. There is fighting, crying, lack of sleep, shared beds all around, someones always coughing all night or talking in their sleep and in turn someone else is totally pissed off.  It's days and days of sleep deprived children and parents feasting off of junk food that we would otherwise never be eating. Or desperately searching for a restaurant that doesn't have a 2 hour wait, or better yet, a restaurant that will cater to all the kids finicky needs.  Let's be honest, it's not fun, it's work, it's grueling. There are lots of fun moments, but at the end of the day, the parents are more exhausted after the trip than before we departed. Don't you feel like you need a vacation just after reading this?

Then there are the "once in a lifetime" trips. Maybe you travel to Europe for 2 weeks, or perhaps you're on and African Safari or wherever your "once in a lifetime" trip happens to be.  There are quick weekend getaways,  ski trips, adventure trips... there are so many kinds of trips one will take in their lifetime. But…. Christian and I just hit the holy grail of trips in terms of basic necessity when you work hard in your career all year, and you work hard day in and day out with the daily hustle with the kids… you know the drill, sports, homework, meals, bath time, bedtime routine….blah, blah, blah… As parents and career folk, and many of us whom juggle both, we cram and shuffle a lot in our daily lives. So what better way then to escape it all with your closest friends and partake in an Adult ONLY Spring Break.

We pretty much encountered perfection where this concept is concerned so I feet equipped to offer you some key points of what  "To-Do" in order to make your trip as successful and fun as ours was.

1. Get a Badass Crew Together - This is without a doubt THE most important part of your trip. No Debbie downers allowed. You cannot allow that bad energy into your trip. Fun First! We were very lucky our whole crew was amazing, down for whatever, whenever. If a couple wanted a head in a little earlier one night because they needed to take an Arubian pregnancy test to make sure they weren't expecting another baby… no problem! Respect every ones vacation and don't expect anything from anyone. There is no space for uptight people. Leave them at home with their whiny kids.

2. Assign a Mixoligist for each Day - The guys hit the local liquor store and bought enough liquor and mixers to open up a side business. The plan was for each guy to man the bar and make drinks on the beach everyday for the group. I think Christian and Tim ended up the bartenders most days, but it was a good plan nonetheless.  #teamwork

3. Music Video's are a Must!  - I never knew about this app, but it's called "Triller", it edits music videos for you and it's amazing! We did 2 videos,  one of which is totally gangsta, the other….mmmmnotsomuch. We have all the words down perfectly in the "gangsta" video and the other one is a hot mess. But it's on the beach, we caused a huge scene and most importantly we had a blast making it.  My point is, when you are with all of your friends, you just can't give a shit. We had so much fun making it and who knew that "Uptown Funk" was so hard to lip-sync! The "G-thang" video broke up our little party via the hotel security.... as mentioned #gangsta.

4. Sunscreen - Ok, I realize this sounds totally ridiculous, but when your go away with your friends you want to be able to hang, so here is my public service announcement. Wear your damn sunscreen!      
Our friend Tim, apparently a master tanner, put on an accelerator for indoor tanning beds on day 1... he's tan year round and he was so red he was practically purple.  My brother-in-law ended up with the nickname "baby huey" (photo below) and in the spa all afternoon in a seaweed wrap sucking his thumb crying for his mommy with a horrific sunburn while we were all partying on the beach. Don't be baby huey. Wear your sunscreen so you can hang with your friends. 

5. Group Dinners - Respect that everyone may be coupled up and may not always want to do the group dinner thing but try to do at least one big group dinner. We did a few, and the first night I thought we were going to get kicked out due to our completely filthy topics of conversation and loud crew.  However, our game of "Dare" really made not only the other restaurant goers fall in love with us but the staff did as well. This is something my sister and I have been doing for years. We eliminated the "truth" aspect out of the "truth or dare" game and we just go for the fun part. So, to give you some ideas, we had my nephew go crash and sing with restaurant entertainment that evening. We also had my sister and my cousins wife do shots with various tables on their knees and say "whaaaatttttsss uppppp".  We had my nephew also convince the waitress to take her glasses off and shake out her pony tail like in the scene from "she's all that". This may be a "you had to be there" type of moment, but this required some serious skill.

6. Experience the Locals - Weather it's a sunset cruise or a cab ride with a driver named Honey complete with  props and cheetah velour seats, it's always fun to experience one "touristy" thing while you're away. It's Adult Spring Break, you are with all your friends, sans children, #letloose.

7. Leave the Nickel and Dimers at Home- This is a good rule for life and not just for your Adult Spring Break, but it's imperative for your vacation. There is nothing worse than the couple that sits there and whispers about the bill together like they are negotiating over the sale price of a home.  Then when they pop their heads up  and they come back with "we will thrown down $40 because Susie only had a Caesar salad and an ice water"….. It's vacation, just know that you are going to be spending money, plan accordingly or don't go.

8. This isn't the Chain Gang- Look, just be cool, be easy breezy breezy and fun. Do not expect all your spring breakers to follow an itinerary. Just because you all came on this trip together, does not mean you need to be attached at the hip. Some people may want to go on a boat cruise, some may want to drink themselves into oblivion in their beach chair, some may want to do paddle board yoga. Respect every ones vacation and differences. I have been on trips before where people got mad at me because I didn't want to do what the "group" was doing that particular day #notcool. Everyone paid for their trip,  everyone is on their own vacation and should be able to enjoy it as they see fit. So long as everyone understands and respects this, there shouldn't be any issues.

9. Upgrades - Leave your pride at the door.  A wise man once said, (I'm not sure whom, because Christian hijacked my blog, which he's been dying to do,  and added this part, he may in fact be the "wise man") "it never hurts to ask" or "the answer is always no if you don't ask". I personally get mortified when Christian asks because he's like a bull in China shop... lacks finesse. This is an art form and requires a certain charm and while I find my husband charming in a rough around the edges kind of way, usually people who don't know who he is, do not.  Needless to say, we did not obtain an upgrade. This is kind of bullshit given the amount of money we spent on our wedding, but whatever.   Our good friend Tim was charming by nature and got the mack daddy of all upgrades where we were ultimately all able to party and get kicked out of due to some other uptight, non adult spring breakers, whom complained of our video making on the balcony, which by the way, was crucial in the success of our video #totallyworthit. My point is, have the smooth talking charmer in the group finagle an upgrade large enough to party like rock stars.

10. What's on Deck? - There is nothing more depressing than that last day of vacation when you know that reentry into reality is just hours away. The best way to deal with the post vacation blues is to plan your next getaway. It gives you a ray of hope in your otherwise monotonous daily life when you are just coming off of the best trip ever. Not only does this help boost your mood on the last day of the trip, it's great e-mail and texting fodder for when you are sitting back in your office with your fading tan and diminishing relaxed demeanor. You always need a trip on the horizon #amust #tillnexttime!

I would like to dedicate this blog entry to Tim Allen Brewster who suddenly passed away on March 19, 2016. Tim was family to us and a wonderful friend. He set the tone for our trip and made it the most amazing time for everyone because that is who he was. We are so thankful to have had this time with Tim and will cherish these memories forever #NOFILLERS

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