February 28, 2017

The Liquid Face Lift - A Natural Approach

It's the home stretch.. my last and final months before I hit the big 4-0. I have many #goals for myself as a mother and for my business but those are not nearly as fun to discuss as what I like to describe to my husband as "my road to 40" #goals. One on the list is to have "flawless skin".  By flawless I mean the skin of a 25 year old who has never seen any sun damage. I realize this is completely unrealistic, but this will not cease my efforts.

This brought me back to Laura Kimberly at Suite 10 in Wellesley. Laura had previously done the "Vampire Face lift" procedure on me that I blogged about last February. At the time, there was a lot of press and research backing that procedure for it's collagen building benefits. That treatment is still beneficial for collagen building.  However, one found side effect (which is great for Laura's male hair restoration clients), is that some women who have a tendency to grow darker, thicker hair, were growing unwanted hair, i.e; mustaches and neck hair  #holyshit.  So…. change of plans. The Facial Resurfacing and Restoration Therapy is no longer done using the PRP at Suite 10.

The Restoration Therapy is a total facial resurfacing and restoration.  It is a minimally invasive  process which stimulates your skin's natural ability to heal itself and in the process produces collagen and elastin as well as increases hyaluronic acid (which is water content) in the skin. Results are proven to treat aging, pigmentation, scar tissue, pore size, texture and tone and stretch marks.

Ok, now for the Liquid Face lift... Laura strongly believes Sculptra is the way to go for collagen loss as opposed to filling the face up with synthetic fillers that can look unnatural, puffy and lumpy. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that naturally effects the body's collagen production. Sculptra is not a quick fix and results are not immediate which can deter a lot of people from the procedure. It takes 6-8 weeks to start building back your own collagen and lasts anywhere from 2-3 years depending upon the individual.  For me, it was a no-brainier, and I'm willing to wait it out. I would rather look like a better version of myself when I was younger, as opposed to a horrible version of someone I never was.

I have put together a visual guide of the good vs. maybe they should have re-evaluated along the way (In my personal opinion).  I included Christy Brinkley even though she claims to only having had Botox once before and not liking it, #imsorry #totalbulllshit.  She's 63, and I realize she's trying to sell her skincare line and book, and sure,  her healthy diet and amazing hair and makeup team undoubtedly have helped matters…but she's still a liar. If she really wants to catapult her book sales to another level  she should write an honest book about what she really does to look this incredible at 63. She would make a killing #justsayin.

So, based on seeing a lot of unnatural results on people that I would deem as "bad", I went with the Non-Surgical Face lift (Sculptra) with the Facial Resurfacing and Restoration Therapy immediately following, per the recommendation from Laura. She expressed that the Restoration Therapy drastically improves the overall result of the Sculptra. Also, I really needed the resurfacing, and truly nothing works better than this procedure!

Now,  I am NOT a huge fan of putting myself on camera make-up free after my face has been shot with hundreds of needles, is red, peeling and is less than attractive.  But I think a video does far more justice chronicling this experience than photos ever will. Therefore,  I will take one for the team and take you through my experience via video and give you an idea of the process.

Please note, all of the after care treatments and video logging below are for the Facial Resurfacing and Restoration Therapy portion of the treatment.

Liquid Face Lift & Collagen Induction Therapy Session

Keep in mind the first part of this video is the Sculptra. Laura put the product in the areas of the fact where there was the most collagen loss. This obviously differs per individual as to where they have the most loss or how much collagen loss they have. So, where she injected my face, may not be where she would inject someone else.

Laura sends all her patients home with an at home after care kit and detailed instructions. 

The next series of videos are day's 1-3, then days 5 & 7 with my final results from the Facial Resurfacing Restoration Therapy. I'm going to apologize in advanced for the VERY poor video making/editing skills. I think my head is chopped in 1/2 in one or more of these entries and then I am utterly belligerent in more than one #sosorry.

Day 1 - Sunburned appearance, some red spots, very dry. 

Day 2 - Wash with cleanser, add sunscreen into the mix and you can wear makeup. I tried wearing tinted moisturizer and some bronzer... #hotmessexpress by midday. My skin was too dry for any makeup and it was all flaking off. 

Day #3  - Same regime as Day #2. SUPER dry! Flaking, redness has subsided a bit. 

Day #5 - Still very dry. I put full makeup on and it was not easy going on. It looked awful in natural light due to all the flaking. I continued with the Hydraulic filler, sunscreen, rose water spray and a heavy moisturizer. 

Day #7 - I apologize for the foul language in the end. However, I am very happy with the results. My skin was smooth and the texture had greatly improved. I still have some acne scaring on my chin that will require at least 1-2 more treatments, but I'm very happy with the results. 

As I mentioned in the video, if you can get past my anger.. I will update this blog posting in about 9 months with a photo timeline of how the sculptra does it's thing over time.

For info on Laura Kimberley and her work, check her out on Instagram @ estheticscenterne. Suite 10 is located at 14 Mica Lane in Wellesley, MA , however Laura has many clients in Miami and NYC and travels often.  If you're interested, call the Wellesley office 781-235-4957 and they can get you set up. 


  1. Very informative! 36 and thinking of doing the same procedures. Please update in a few months

  2. Very informative! 36 and thinking of doing the same procedures. Please update in a few months

  3. my doctor talked to me about Sculptra a few weeks ago too...i'm SCARED! this coming from the girl with head to toe tattoo's and and ever so slight obsession with Botox...awesome video, thank you for sharing. you'll ROCK your 40's girl.

    1. Jackie - I'm laughing bc it's SO much easier than a tattoo. I actually think it's perfect for you with all the working out that you do. Either way, you look great:)

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