About Me

Proud mom of 3, Business owner, can't sit still...ever. Always working on my next project or business idea, will try anything once, getting old....wait, what?!!! 

I try not to take life too seriously and I always find humor in all situations, even when it may not be appropriate. I adore my children but I also find it important to not forget who I am as an individual and what drives me and makes me happy, aside from my kids. 

On the quest for some work/life balance, I started my own company 10 years ago, KJ Designs and Consulting LLC. KJ Designs specializes in Table Linens, Beach Hats, Fall Hats, and Beach Bags under my Trademarked brand "Pollywood" as well as many other private labels and chain specific brands.  Also for all of us pet lovers, I have a line of pet placemats under the Trademarked brands "Pollywoof" and "Pollypaws". My line is sold to both large and small retail chains and boutiques in the U.S., Europe and Canada. I design, import and sell the line as a one woman show (for now) which keeps me very busy and mentally fulfilled. 

This blog is something that has been on my "list" for quite some time and now I am happily putting it into action.

I hope you can both relate and enjoy! 


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